In the framework of the inter-party platform from the Westminster Foundation for Democracy, the public body of the United Kingdom dedicated to strengthening democracy, two-day trainings were made possible with young Albanians. The trainings took place in Durrës District (February 25-26), Gjirokastër (May 27-28) and Fier (July 1-2). About 15 young people, in each of the districts, were trained on democratic leadership and communication.

During the first day, the trainers focused mainly on the models, influences, usage according to the governing style and the elements that are changing in the new century. Individual analysis and needs for change were addressed, focusing on patterns and adaptation to each. Following the first day, the training on personal leadership style took a special importance. During the second day, young people were trained on the political communication of the new generation and its involvement in decision-making. Stimulation was developed with elements of public discussion as political representatives.

Young people were involved in qualitative discussions and debates about their involvement in politics, ending the discussion with the finalization of the list of priorities of the new generation. There were also social activities and tours in the respective cities.