Progressive Politics in Western Balkans (ProgWeB) is a political academy bringing togethersocial democratic and liberal youth from 6 countries in the Western Balkans. The aim of the Academy is to increase political participation and influence of youth through capacity building and strengthening of regional democratic cooperation. 

The program is supported by Olof Palme International Center and implemented by: Olof Palme International Center (OPC) Center Party, International Foundation (CIS), Boris Divković Foundation (BDF), Forum of Left Initiative (FLI), Center of Modern Skills (CMS), Progress Institute for Social Democracy (PROGRESS), Liberal Institute Skopje (LIS), Musine Kokalari Institute for Social Policy, as well as Qemal Stafa Foundation (FQS).

Module I

PROGWeB 2022 began the journey in Belgrade, Serbia on April 7-10, where around 25 motivated young politicians participated in training sessions and were engaged in planning and implementing a National Project, as well as writing Regional Essays.