• The Foundation Qemal Stafa (FQS) is the think tank of the Socialist Party of Albania founded in 2007. The Foundation’s main mission is to assist the Socialist Party in the policy-making process at local, national and international level with ideas, guidance, studies and political programs. It formulates conceptual frameworks and guidelines for the Socialist Party by coordinating the formulation, development and evolution of public policies and public opinion. Based on social-democratic values, FQS believes and promotes the principles of a free society, collective and individual responsibilities, and is guided by fundamental democratic principles.

FQS serves to clarify effective governance as a dynamic framework that involves democratic leadership and accountability in decision-making with the objective of achieving efficiency at institutional level.

  • The Foundation launches a Fund for Governance and Transparency that provides resources for local civil society groups. He runs a number of public events, works closely in partnership with a number of affiliate organizations and plays a key role in electoral elections. In addition, through political debates, it helps citizens understand the key concepts, decisions and most important developments in the Socialist Party by promoting a comprehensive environment. The growth of populism in Western countries and not only, has highlighted the need to not take democracy for granted and that governments ensure the citizens’ inclusion through democratic institutions. Therefore, FQS aims to provide the SP with arguments to be built directly into political discourses.


The Foundation operates on three important pillars: Communication, Training and Ideology. Our goal is to focus on policy making and make recommendations in key areas such as:


The Foundation will observe various spectra of the Justice Reform Implementation where the main focus will be on ‘restorative justice, social justice, etc.’.


The Foundation will continuously aim at studying fiscal policies, on income, goods and economic growth.

Health Care:

The Foundation will reflect on moral principles and utilitarian arguments. Health care will be discussed as an equal right of all people through a social security system.

International Affairs:

The international arena is of great importance in Albania’s path towards the European Union. Our mission is to reflect on the measurable results of the Government’s work, by analyzing the program and its strategies.


The Foundation will focus on studying a strategy chosen by the Ministry of Education and its curricula as the key to a long-term education.

Communication with Media:

Media has a key role to play in various spectra of importance to the public. By offering media topics of great social importance, the Foundation will provide a collaborative relationship with media regarding various public policies. A special focus will be dedicated to the analysis of ‘fake news’ and how to spot it in the context of social media.

Political Economy:

Political Economy is one of the key elements not only in policymaking but also for the progress of a country. For this reason, the Foundation will conduct a continuous research on the Political Economy, highlighting the most successful methods, and the most equitable approaches to be implemented. Attention will be paid to: Common perceptions of theoretical and historical issues including liberalization, free trade and production, rediscovery of imperialism, and the concept of global economic policy, with a view to finding the interplay between international politics and economics.

Demographic Policies:

Population aging brings various implications for the government by increasing pressure on taxes, social security and public service spending. The Foundation will focus on analyzing these elements in the context of the Albanian society.



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