The Qemal Stafa Foundation has organized “Training of Trainers 2022” which is based on the program “Supporting democracy in the Western Balkans – progress and connecting bridges of cooperation with an adapted curriculum that includes three intensive and interactive modules, designed as a combination of theoretical presentations and practical skills for participants. “Training of Trainers 2022” aims to support individuals who want to engage as trainers and develop their skills in the field of decision-making, public communication and leadership as important pillars towards the path of success. The topics included in this training include leadership disciplines, a session on communication, media, constructive debate and personal development, modules that challenged each of the participants. Three coaches were engaged in the three modules, one of whom belongs to the Coach Training alumni group, who attended the program in 2021.

Module I

The first module (September 10-11) took place in Pogradec, where the participants were introduced to the importance of developing groups and the processes of their creation, exercises were developed and the division of participants into groups was carried out based on the techniques learned, discussed learning styles and lifelong learning as an important individual learning approach. Participants discussed ethics and values, communication skills and non-verbal communication, rated as the most important basic skills for a coach.

Social activities along the coast of Pogradec and the tourist village of Tushemisht took place at the end of the first day.