Scope and Purpose of the Political Academy

The Political Academy of the Socialist Party is the first school of modern left-wing leadership in Albania. The formation of future leaders is a very important aspect of governance improvement and for the policy-making process. Through the Political Academy, the Foundation aims to foster critical thinking, train passionate, young leaders, identify and promote future leaders. The lecturers of the Political Academy consist in prominent politicians, parliamentarians, NGOs, leaders, diplomats, university professors and well-known media analysts, academics and journalists who will contribute to knowledge, experience, studies and analysis. The Academy carries out its activity in the field of initial and ongoing training, enabling potential leaders to prepare for their future political functions. The teaching methods are intertwined between the theoretical and practical courses and the interactive working groups.
The Political Academy will enable the completion of a theoretical and practical cycle of studies by providing information on:
• The International Left and the Left in Albania;
• Social democracy, values and universal principles of the traditional and modern left;
• The relations between Albanian Politics, State and Independent Institutions;
• The economic models of the Left, Good Governance and Social Welfare;
• Public and media communication of the modern left;
• Critical and analytical thinking in political processes;
• Acquired knowledge enables students to be directly involved in the processes of functioning and political decision-making of the Socialist Party at all levels;
The Political Academy takes place in the twelve regions of Albania, twice a year, and trains a total of 50-60 young people in each period, that is, 120 for each district.


How to apply for the 2018 Political Academy:
If ,
• you are passionate about politics
• you undertake initiatives at local level;
• you are politically active in the district you live in;
• you want to engage in social entrepreneurship for the community you live in;
• you are self-aware and want to contribute to the values and principles of social democracy;
You are in the right place!
After last year’s success, the Academy takes place in every district of Albania inviting all potential future leaders!
Apply to the link below to attend the Political Academy in Elbasan district.

Apply on the link below to attend the Political Academy that will start in Elbasan District.