In focus: Communication Strategy and Crisis Communication

Date: 20-22 July 2018, SHKODËR                                                            

 From 20-22 of July 2018, the Foundation ‘Qemal  Stafa’ organized a training as a part of Political Education Programme, whose aime was to deliver  appropriate knowledge on political communications as a part of origin Party (Government) communication strategy.

Under the auspices of the Executive Director of the Foundation “Qemal Stafa“ , Ms. Teuta Vodo and with the cooperation of Mr. Djordje Belamaric, Senior Political Party Trainer, the first day of the training was dedicated to Communication Strategy.

Coach Belamaric offered his experience on the basic concepts of political priorities, on media as an important tool, social networks and Crisis Communication.

He conducted lectures on the Elements of an Effective Communication Strategy and also pointed out the importance of good message Development as a cornerstone of any communication strategy.

Mr.Belamaric focused his lecture on giving clear examples and advices oh how to solve a communication crisis.

In conclusion, a test was carried out to assess how useful the  Political Academy had been to the participants. The training will be followed by the interviews that the participants will conduct with certain people who have a community impact in the district.