In focus: Resilient Albania

Date: 14-16 September 2018, TIRANË                                              

During the weekend of  14-16 September 2018, the Foundation ‘Qemal Stafa’ organized in Tirana a three day training  for about 30 students and yound professionals on public policy making, focused on fighting natural hazards, injustices and social tensions.

Under the auspices of the Executive Director of the Foundation ‘Qemal Stafa’  Teuta Vodo, and with the cooperation of Mr. Joel Antonie, Political Analyst and Multilateral Advisor to the Hungarian Ambassade  in  Hague, and Mr. Anil Kumar, Advisor to the Deputy Mayor of Hague, presented the participants idea of ‘DesignThinking’ and the meaning of ‘Resilience’ .

Trainers offered their experiences to train youth to become aware of their own values ​​as individual, how to understand political impact, how to solve the challenges that they face each day.

During the lectures of the Political Academy, Mr. Joel explained the difficulties in the fight against corruption, the challenges of Albania and how we could fight them.

This training was honored by Mr. Ulsi Manje and Ervin Bushati, both members of the Pairlament for the Socialist Party of Albania and the Minister of Diaspora and long standing socialist figure, Mr. Pandeli Majko

In the end 6 different challenges were selected and 6 groups were formed to work on the solution.

Mrs. Joanna Mytheth, representative of the German entrepreneurship program German Corporation for International Cooperation, delivered a speech to the participants about starting and promoting the opening of new businesses.

In conclusion, a test was carried out to assess the information absorbed during the Political Academy, which will be followed by the interviews each member of the Academy will conduct with a person on the Tirana district.