In Focus: Media, Communications Types, and Electoral Campaigns

Date: 12-14 June 2018, GJIROKASTËR

From 12-14 October 2018 the Foundation `Qemal Stafa` organized a training in cooperation with the Labour Party and the Westminster Foundation of Great Britain

The Lecturers  Scarlett McGwire and Diana Muir,  representatives of the sister party the theme focused on the building of skills for electoral campaigns, as well as in maintaining the trust of supporters and young activists.

The trainers gave an overview of the basic concepts of political priorities,on the media as an important tool, and the communication during the electoral campaign.

During the campaigning, the importance of the role of media  is a key factor in achieving the required results.

Body language is another key factor. They explained the necessary of the posture, moves and the face expressions.

In conclusion, a test was carried out to assess the information absorbed during the Political Academy, which will be followed by the interviews each member of the Academy will conduct with a person in the Gjirokastra District.