In focus: Leadership and Social Democracy

Date: 30 November – 2 December

On 30 November – 2 December, the “Qemal Stafa” Foundation in cooperation with the Swedish Social Democratic Party of Vasteras Commune, organized the 12th Political Academy in Fier City with focus on leadership.

Shpëtim Pirraku, Chairman of the Socialist Party of Vasteras, Sara Dahlin, Director of ABF, Workers’ Association, and Sandra Zanabria, Chair of the Youth Organization, were the lecturers during three days of training development.

With more than 30 youngsters from Fier City, the first day involved the familiarization of the students with the work and commitment of the lecturers in the relevant organizations and their work approach to problems youth faced today. The training included young people’s participation in various workshops, among them and the circle of initiative and co-operation, in order to identify initiators, delegates, and leaders. The trainers emphasized the importance of recognizing individual values, being a real and just leader as to help all the preservation of strong and unchanging democratic social values.

The lecturers, focused on solidarity, freedom and equality, as the fundamental values of social democracy through exercises, the lecturers managed to point out those students that were represented precisely by these values. On the other hand, recognizing the potentials of each of them, different situations were handled and students were oriented to efficient solutions.

As in any other Political Academy, Teuta Vodo the Executive Director of the Foundation welcomed the participants, offered support for their actual and future political engagement and shared her experience as the Deputy  Minister of Justice addressing the cross-cutting anti-corruption strategy.

Moreover, Antoneta Dhima, MP of the Socialist Party of Fier underlined in her greeting speech the enthusiasm and leftist beliefs of the youth of Fier who are considered the key to the success of various the Socialist Party wins for years.