In focus :Communication, Public Speaking, and Building a Public Image

Date: 28-30 September 2018, DIBËR

From 12-14 September  2018, the Foundation “Qemal  Stafa” organized a training, focused on Communication and Public Speaking in order to develop skills through practice and counseling.

Mr. Valon Kurhasani, the Political Party Program Manager of the National Democratic Institution of Kosovo, was the chosen as the Lecturer for this training.

The training process consisted of two main points: exposure and practice of their public speaking skills as well as training and professional support for those who have the potential to move forward.

In the course of the training, each participant learned about training and formulation of a campaign plan. Part of the training related to the influence and motivation of voters with the form and resources needed for it`s realization.

At the end of the training, an assessment was made of the skills acquired for the design and development of an effective communication plan, a general framework with the essential elements of public speaking, as well as the use of tactical techniques and contact with voters.