On April 21, 2018, the “Qemal Stafa” Foundation organized its first Political Academy, which aims to train young people in policy making and leadership.
At the end of the 3 day training on ‘Political Ideologies and Public Policy Design’, an exam was conducted and then the students interviewed various actors who are part of an important segment in the public or private sector.
Interviewers had to generate data on the structure of employment, their profession and their specific contribution to the community. Subsequently, based on this interview, they developed a few short policy recommendations that would provide solutions to the situation, in order to push their critical thinking as a leader.
During the exam, Pamela reached the maximum points. Next, she conducted a highly qualitative and interesting interview, with a logical sequence of questions, including promising policy recommendations.
Since health is the basis of our daily lives, Pamela choosed to interview Mrs. Desantila Tahiraj, Director of the Elbasan Regional Hospital.
Referring to Health, some of the solutions to the issues addressed by Pamela, focused on the fact that first, the state should undertake a policy on education programme, referring to the medicinal field.
Second, to make this policy a long-term success, it is important to accept only high-grade students and consequently to stop and sell diplomas.
Last but not least, citizens who choose this profession, Medicine, in their life, must realize that it is not a compulsion, but a passion!