On 27 March 2018, the Executive Director of the “Qemal Stafa” Foundation, Teuta Vodo, met with Mr. Matt Dann, General Secretary of Bruegel.
Established since 2005, Bruegel is one of the most important research centers in Europe. Bruegel, through publications, events, social media and an interactive blog, has created a unique space of discussion in improving the quality of economic policy.
Through a dual focus on analysis and dynamic relationships with policymakers at every level of governance, Bruegel’s membership includes the governments of EU member states, international corporations and institutions.

The Foundation “Qemal Stafa” extends its gratitude to Mr. Dann for its willingness to support the areas that we consider to be priorities such as fiscal policies, revenue management, goods and economic growth and all their important advice in this regard.
Among other things, the meeting also discussed the promotion of dialogue and the search for more affordable policies to deal with the economic problems on the political scene, as well as a possible cooperation between the Foundation “Qemal Stafa” and the Bruegel Institute.