On 27 March 2018, the Executive Director of the Foundation “Qemal Stafa”, Teuta Vodo, met with her homologue, Ms. Ariane Fontenelle, the International Secretary of the Emile Vandervelde Institute of the Socialist Party in Brussels.
A research institute established since 1946, the Emile Vandervelde Institute is dedicated to research on economic, social, financial, administrative, political, ethical, legal and environmental issues.
The Foundation “Qemal Stafa” expresses its consideration not only to the ongoing work of the Institute, but certainly to the person who inspired the name, Mr. Emile Vandervelde, who was the President of the Belgian Workers’ Party, as well as the President of the International Socialist. A true socialist, whose political goals are about extending the right to vote and social democracy, is an inspiration for our mission.

Among other things, during the meeting was discussed a possible cooperation between the Foundation “Qemal Stafa” and the Emile Vandervelde Institute.
A special focus was dedicated to the Political Academy, where the Emile Vanderveld Institute expressed its willingness to send its best trainers and speakers in order to exchange ideas and experiences, which are an added value for the political education of the younger generation of students of the Political Academy.