5th of May will remain sculpted in the minds and hearts of Albanians, as the day of the Martyrs.
The martyr’s day was set to be May 5, 1942, the day when the fascists killed Qemal Stafa, the first martyr of freedom, the young 22-year-old activist of the Anti-Fascist National Liberation War.
For the first time in Europe, the first anti-fascist guerrila unit was formed in Albania, in Peza (Tiranë) and then the whole country joined them.
We honor 28,000 martyrs of the Nation, who gave their lives for the liberation of the country from foreign invaders, for freedom, democracy, human rights and dignity. The fallen during the war became a symbol of inspiration for freedom fighters.
So on this day, on the Martyrs Day, the Foundation “Qemal Stafa” is proud to keep his name, the leader of the anti-fascist youth who opposed the injustice of the time, daring and trusting in the social and democratic progress, upholding the ideals of freedom and human rights.
Proud and aware of the responsibility of the name “Qemal Stafa”.