Date: 26 June 2018, Luxembourg


Albania’s irreversible path towards the European Union.

The European Commission’s proposal to open negotiations with Albania found an intermediate way.

On 26 June in Lussenburg, at the EU foreign ministers’ meeting, the European Council agreed positively on the progress that Albania has made and decided to open the  negotiations in June 2019.

Despite the disagreement of countries such as the Netherlands, France and Denmark, other EU countries confirm the opening of the road to the accession talks of Albania and Macedonia.

Progress in the area of ​​Justice Reform is visible and positive. The Vetting process, which is essentially the Reform of Justice on the re-evaluation of the judicial system, has achieved the right results.

Each step is very important for Albania and the Albanians.

The doors of the European Union are already open, and by 2019 investment towards integration will be in maximum.

For our government, this decision is a stimulus to continue the path to key reforms and to fully meet the European Commission’s conditions.