On May 29th 2018, the Foundation “Qemal Stafa” announced the winner of the Political Academy Vlora, Arjol Sako.
The winner of the Political Academy will undertake a study visit to the European Parliament in Brussels.
The visit will take place on June 25-28, in cooperation with the Social Democratic Progressive Alliance (S & D) Group in the European Parliament.
Young people attending the Political Academy during the study visit will visit the European Parliament, study the history of the European Parliament, visit a committee, visit the headquarters of the European Socialist Party and the European Commission.
Arjol will be one of the youngsters to join the study visit!
After finishing the Political Academy, participating students had to undergo an exam on the knowledge they gained during the 3 days of training and had to interview various actors in an important segment of the public or private sector.
Interviewers would have to collect data on the structure of employment, their profession and their specific contribution to the community. Subsequently, based on the interview, they would have to develop a few short policy recommendations that would provide a solution to the problem.
The purpose of this task was push students towards the ability to think as a leader.
Arjoli has earned the highest score from the exam and has worked a qualitative and interesting interview with a logical sequence of questions handling, including promising policy recommendations.
He has interviewed a teacher from the School for Children with Special Needs, Ms. Alda Isaraj.
The School for Children with Special Needs in Vlora educate pupils with disabilities as well as children with social and economic problems.
As Arjoli cites: “The staff of the institution must continue professional training and to further specialize with new methods and techniques for effective teaching.”
Also for the educational institution that offers this special service, we need the presence of a speech therapist and physiotherapist.
The material base is necessary for a productive teaching, but also to engage and motivate students towards a vocational training.
Today, we are aims towards a inclusive society and in every school where there are disabled students there are specialist support teachers.
Special thanks to you Arjol and all the young people who bring attention to such institutions who see the school as the main supporter for the disabled and as an institution that positively affects the quality of life.
Congratulations and further successes on trainings at home and abroad!